FFGT Onsite Components

1)  FFGT Core Courses (12 hours)

Core Courses aim at equipping learners to go beyond the individual perspectives and look at grief and loss through a systemic lens, on top of meaning reconstruction framework.  These Core Courses are offered as full-day workshops covering the following essential areas:

  • Systemic impacts of loss in a family and the resulting changes in family dynamics

  • Different grieving and coping styles within a couple / family

  • Developmental considerations for individual family members

  • Family life cycle and its implications on family's coping

  • Uniqueness of spousal loss, parental loss, child loss, and sibling loss

  • Principles in deciding on individual or conjoint sessions

  • Strategies in facilitating an experience of shared grief among family members

2)  FFGT Techniques Modules (9 hours)

Each module is nested within additional days of workshops, and is focused on a specific therapy technique.  Learners pursuing FFGT Specialized Certification are required to learn six techniques at any location in the world in which such training is offered. 

3)  FFGT Case Studies (4 hours)

Each case study is embedded within a full-day workshop.  It consists of a case conceptualization exercise or videotaped clinical session with a close process analysis to reveal the therapist’s moment-to-moment reading of the client’s need and readiness to engage in specific meaning reconstruction tasks.  


When offered onsite, Case Studies commonly bridge from viewing to doing through a  Practicum component, in which learners apply assessment and intervention skills relevant to grief and loss in family with coaching from Portland Institute faculty.  By alternating naturally between concrete experience, reflective observation, abstract conceptualization, and active experimentation, learners complete a full cycle of experiential learning and become better prepared to practice the nuances of meaning reconstruction in the wake of loss.  Learners are required to complete two case studies at any location in the world for FFGT Specialized Certification.

4)  FFGT Practicum Studio  (6 hours)
Learners form small groups and practice Meaning Reconstruction skills in conjoint sessions with couples and family members, with Portland Institute faculty serving as coaches, for face-to-face or videoconference role-play in a shared language.  Each session includes practice with learners taking turns in the role of the therapist, client and observer, followed by feedback and processing.  Learners are required to complete four sessions for FFGT Specialized Certification.

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