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Live Online Training

Expressive Storytelling
Writing Techniques to Support
Child & Adult Adaptation to Loss

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June 9, 2023

9am-12pm, PDT

Presented by

Linta Eapen Mathew, Ed.D.

English Language Arts &

Mental Health Support Teacher

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

USD$99 for 3-hour module

Storytelling  by Tumisu from PIxabay

Life-changing loss, especially in its tragic forms, can break life stories as well as hearts.  Expressive Storytelling supports a bereaved person’s adaptation to loss by gathering the shattered pieces, placing them on a chronological timeline, and retelling the crucial details through a therapeutic writing structure that encourages reconciliation and healing.

After my father’s death, I undertook an autoethnographic study to test whether written, first-person narrative storytelling could help me actively process and effectively move through my crippling, complicated grief.  My data consisted of 41 short stories that disclosed the cultural interactions that occurred before, during, and after my father’s death while narrating the wildness of my prolonged grief.  The results of this deeply personal experience led to the formulation of clear guidelines for constructing therapeutic narratives of loss, focusing on the art of storytelling and the four cornerstones of grief stories.

This module describes the structure, language, drafting, and revision of transformative stories of bereavement, drawing on personal, relational and spiritual insights generated through my own practice.  These are then communicated practically through guided exercises in which learners will experience the power of therapeutic writing while developing greater mastery of its use in the context of grief.  The result is a step-by-step framework for written storytelling that practitioners can use to support the bereaved in processing and healing the pain of tragic loss.


  • Describe trauma’s effect on grieving brains and bodies;

  • Review new findings on therapeutic writing and discuss its effectiveness in adult and child bereavement; and 

  • Implement a step-by-step format for Expressive Storytelling to support adaptation to loss.

Note:  Attendance of the live online training session confers credit of 1 Technique Module required for Certification in Grief Therapy as Meaning Reconstruction, Certification in Art-Assisted Grief Therapy or Certification in Family-Focused Grief Therapy.


  • A summary of expressive writing & expressive storytelling guidelines;

  • Instructions for Expressive Storytelling writing sessions with children; and 

  • Student exemplar to guide the practitioner.


  • 9am-12pm, PDT: Portland, OR, which corresponds to 12-3pm in New York, 5-8pm in London, and 6-9pm in Amsterdam.

The Zoom meeting link and the module materials will be emailed to all registrants in due course.


Linita Eapen Mathew, Ed.D., is an English Language Arts and Mental Health Support teacher from Calgary, Alberta. She obtained her Doctor of Education from the University of Calgary, writing an autoethnographic dissertation that explored the effect of storytelling on bereavement for which she received the Canadian Association of Teacher Education (2021) thesis and dissertation award. Linita created and has led numerous Writing Through Grief workshops for educators and bereavement support centers across North America. Apart from being an educator, she is a writer at heart and the symposium co-editor for the British Journal of Guidance and Counselling.  Her books, Life: To Be Given Back Again to Whence It Came (2021) and The Revelations of Eapen (2022), reveal her intimate journey through prolonged grief and how she used storytelling to reconcile her father’s death. After completing her Reiki Master training in 2016, she opened PRANA, a thriving Reiki energy healing center based in Calgary where she uses her understanding of spirituality to support others in finding spiritual solutions to physical, emotional, and psychological problems.

Linita Eapen Mathew, Ed.D.

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USD$99 for 3-hour module

For other enquiries, simply email Carolyn.

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