GTMR Online Components

1)  Orientation to Meaning Reconstruction (12 hours)

Learners are assigned four sets of readings from the Techniques of Grief Therapy series, which provide a strong foundation for the practice of Meaning Reconstruction, as well as a well-stocked clinical toolbox of practical strategies for working with clients who have suffered a wide range of normative and traumatic losses.  Learners are then required to submit a short Principles-to-Practice Reflection Paper following a rubric provided for each set of readings.  Portland Institute faculty provide brief written feedback on each submission.


2)  GTMR Mentoring (3 hours)

Learners fulfill three 1-hour individual mentoring sessions in Meaning Reconstruction with one of the Portland Institute faculty in a shared language.  These sessions may be conducted in face-to-face mode, or via phone or video conference. 

3)  GTMR Session Evaluation (3 hours)

Following the completion of all the other Onsite and Online Components, learners submit one 50-minute video of an application of Meaning Reconstruction in grief therapy in an actual session or in role play, along with a transcript of the session.  The session is then evaluated for demonstration of basic competency in working with grieving clients from a meaning-making perspective.  Learners also complete the Constructive Supervision Assessment and schedule a 1-hour feedback session with one of the Portland Institute faculty in a shared language.

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