PI Scholarship

5-Day Grief Therapy Learning Retreat

May 7-11, 2021

Bon Secours in Baltimore, MD

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Advanced Behavioral Health Maryland

Baltimore, Frederick, Montgomery,

Carroll and Prince Georges Counties 

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Meet Our Scholars...

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Find out what this special scholarship means to them in their own words!

“This scholarship will allow me the opportunity to attend training from experts in the field of grief and loss.  The training will provide skill-sets that will inform both my practice and research in working to support sexual assault survivors.”

Daniel Jacobson López,


Social Worker

Pittsburgh, PA

"I feel honored and blessed to be offered a scholarship to participate in the Portland Institute for Loss and Transition’s Grief Therapy Learning Retreat in May of 2020.  I work with inner city clients whose lives are permeated with grief and loss.  While I am able to offer supportive counseling and can draw on knowledge that I gained in the field of trauma work, I long for a clear, systematic, culturally- and theoretically-grounded, evidence-informed approach that will give me the tools needed to help clients on the path towards healing from loss.  I am excited to be able to learn from a team of world-renowned experts in the field of grief and bereavement treatment, and I am confident that my work with clients will be much for meaningful and supportive after this training.  I am deeply grateful for this scholarship, as it comes at a time when I would not have otherwise be able to participate in the training.  Thank you, Portland Institute!!!"

Dorothy Adamson Holley,


Social Worker, Psychologist,


Baltimore, MD

"It is an honor to represent the legacy of the KRSF Scholarship and all that it stands for.  This award enables me to start a new journey in my training as an incipient art therapist within the specialty of grief and bereavement.  Grief and loss introduced themselves into my life at an early age and have surely not been strangers since.  These peppered moments inspire me to join with others using art making to find healing in the midst of the pain.  To those clients who find themselves trying to navigate some of the darkest parts of life with nothing but an ever so delicate flicker of light, this award is for you.  May we use the unique properties of art therapy as a lantern to help guide us along together."

Jenelle Hallaert, MS

Medical Art Therapist Intern

Washington, DC

"I have an interest in grief and loss as well as the ways it can resonate within our lives and effect our overall well being.  This scholarship will support me as I pursue the Certification in Meaning Reconstruction so that I may better serve the population that I work with."

Jessica Lynn Adedipe, MSW

Social Worker

Philadelphia, PA

“I work with clients affected by addiction, and grief and loss as an underlying unresolved issue.  Being awarded this scholarship will allow me to continue to grow as a clinician and to learn about creative modalities that promote health and wellness in my community.”

“Queen” Jewel Wilson, MEd, ACFRC

Addictions Counselor

Baltimore, MD

“All of my work has been with inner city youth of color.  I have also served incarcerated people both during incarceration and post-release. I provide, and have provided, one to one counseling and therapeutic support as well as crisis intervention. With this scholarship I will be better equipped to support these grieving people.”

Sophia AlBanaa, MSW

Social Worker

Philadelphia, PA

"I have been searching to increase my skills and training to serve those struggling with grief and loss.  I had the opportunity to attend the Techniques of Grief Therapy at TAPS with Dr. Neimeyer in 2019.  The training helped me improve client outcomes immediately.  When I learned about the five-day training, I was excited to learn more to better meet the needs of those I serve.  Unfortunately, I encountered a financial barrier to register for the training.  The scholarship will give me the opportunity to increase my effectiveness in helping clients find meaning in their losses."

Tiffani Bonita Boykin, LPC, CCMHC

Director of Clinical Services

Washington, DC

“Being awarded this scholarship will give me a better understanding of grief and bereavement.  I will be more effective when addressing the concerns of my clients and will be able to provide strategies and encouragement.”

Tracey Pauls, LCPC


Columbia, MD

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