About Certification

Portland Institute’s Certification Programs 
is designed to be both convenient and affordable,
building on multi-day onsite training offered annually around the world,
in combination with easily accessible online mentoring and practicum coaching. 
The respective Certification Programs consist of
coursework, reading and practicum modules,
all of which offer opportunities to interact with an all-star cast of Institute faculty. 
Certification graduates who are credentialed to practice are then listed in the Portland Institute’s Global Provider Network,
which provides a potential source of clinical referrals
for face-to-face or video conference therapy.  

A fundamental training program in grief therapy based on Meaning Reconstruction framework, drawing on contemporary theory and research, as well as experiential learning of creative clinical practices, to work alongside people striving to reconstruct their lives after loss and transition. 

Specialized Certification in 

Family-Focused Grief Therapy

A training program specialized in grief therapy with couples and families, going beyond the individual perspectives and looking at grief and loss through a systemic lens, in addition to Meaning Reconstruction framework.  Unique losses in family, such as spousal loss, parental loss, child loss, and sibling loss, and their varied dynamics and implications are examined as well.

Note: This program is currently available in Singapore.  Its offer in other regions will be updated at a later date.

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