Specialized Certification in

Family-Focused Grief Therapy

Click the PDF icon to download Information Sheet for FFGT Specialized Certification Program.

FFGT Certification Overview (Total Learning Hours: 49)

FFGT Onsite Components (click here for more details)
  1. FFGT Core Courses: 12 hours (two full-day workshops)

  2. FFGT Techniques Modules: 9 hours (six 1.5-hour workshops)

  3. FFGT Case Studies: 4 hours (two 2-hour workshops)

  4. FFGT Practicum Studio: 6 hours (four 1.5-hour practice sessions with coaching)

FFGT Online Components (click here for more details)
  1. FFGT Mentoring: 3 hours (three 1-hour sessions)

  2. Orientation to Family-Focused Grief Therapy: 12-hour self-study of readings and reflections

  3. FFGT Session Evaluation: 3-hour video and transcript analysis and evaluation

FFGT Fee Structure (click here for more details)
  • Onsite Components: $1,250-1,700 USD (subject to variations in different regions)
  • Online Components: $1,185 USD 
  • Total estimated cost: $2,500-3,000 USD.
As a prerequisite for this specialization, learners are required to first complete the Certification in Grief Therapy as Meaning Reconstruction (GTMR), although credits toward FFGT specialization can be earned concurrently while the learner is still pursuing the GTMR Certification.  After completion of the GTMR Certification and all the above required FFGT components, Specialized Certification in Family-Focused Grief Therapy would be awarded.  All licensed or registered counselors or therapists completing Certification will be listed on the Portland Institute website as part of our Global Provider Network.

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