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Certification in

Family-Focused Grief Therapy (FFGT)

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Information Sheet for FFGT Certification Program.


FFGT Certification Overview (Approximately 70 Hours)

Required Components (click here for more details)
  1. Certification Core Courses: 6 modules / 3 credits

  2. FFGT Orientation: 4 modules / 4 credits

  3. FFGT Techniques Modules: 6 techniques / 6 credits

  4. FFGT Case Studies: 2 cases / 2 credits

  5. FFGT Practicum Studio: 4 studio sessions / 4 credits

  6. FFGT Mentoring: 3 sessions / 3 credits

  7. FFGT Session Evaluation: 1 recording submission / 1 credit

NoteAll the above components can be taken in either online or onsite versions, in any combination and any sequence the learner desires.
Fee Structure
  1. Enrollment Fee: USD $100
  2. Component Pricing: 
  • All required components (except Mentoring and Session Evaluation) may be delivered either in (a) convenient Live Online Training or Recorded Training modules of 3 hours each or (b) single or multi-day onsite Workshops, Training Institutes or Retreats.  
  • Online training modules are a uniform USD $99 each, whereas the cost of onsite training is established with PI’s various partner organizations around the world and therefore varies somewhat in pricing depending on local economic conditions, costs of facilities etc. 
  • Mentoring and Session Evaluation, which are tailored to each individual learner, carry fees of USD $495 and $345 respectively.
The overall cost of certification may range between USD $3,200-$4,000 (excluding the cost of travel and accommodation in the case of onsite training), well below the cost of many certification programs in the health and mental health professions.
Note: Completion of all the required components leads to Certification in Family-Focused Grief Therapy (FFGT).  All licensed or registered counselors or therapists completing FFGT Certification will be listed on the Portland Institute website as part of our Global Provider Network.

For any enquiries, simply email Carolyn.

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