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Internal Family Systems in Trauma and Loss

Internal Family Systems in Trauma and Loss

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Earn 1 Credit for Technique Module toward
Certification in Grief Therapy as Meaning Reconstruction
or Certification in Art-Assisted Grief Therapy
Offered by the Portland Institute.

Presented by

Peggy Kolodny



The Art Therapy Collective of Owings Mills

Adjunct Faculty

School of Social Work, University of Maryland

Salicia Mazero


Registered Art Therapist

Creating Your Journey, LLC

Certified Eating Disorder Specialist

USD$99 for 3-hour module

This module will explore the integration of Art Therapy principles, Neimeyer’s Meaning Reconstruction approach to grief and Schwartz’s Internal Family System therapy model (IFS).  The goal of IFS is to build internal cooperation and increase “Self-Leadership” using the eight “C’s” of internal resources, such as curiosity, compassion, courage, and creativity.  An introductory video will illustrate IFS concepts, and case material will demonstrate how the presenters have integrated trauma-sensitive therapeutic art-making with IFS and with Neimeyer’s Meaning Reconstruction in effectively treating grief, trauma and loss.  Art Therapy theory, especially influenced by Jung, weaves intuitively into both the IFS and grief process. 

The later part of this module will allow learners to explore their own internal “parts” and discover the “Self” energy in response to trauma and loss, especially in this pandemic era, using a brief somatic meditation that leads to clay sculptures of found and felt parts (Mazero & Kolodny, 2016).  The tactile and dimensional qualities of clay are responsive to our primary sense of touch, inviting embodied emotions, stored somatic memories and relational spacing.  Quiet time will be provided during art-making to practice dialoging between parts that will foster somatic understanding of the taught concepts.  Art-based IFS processing questions will be provided (Kolodny, 2019).  Learners will have the opportunity to discuss their art process in small groups.


  • Define three or more basic principles of the IFS model of treatment that can be applied to the clinician’s current therapeutic approaches, with a grief and trauma focus;

  • Clarify three or more ways that IFS, Art Therapy and Meaning Reconstruction complement each other to promote sense-making, transformation and healing of loss and trauma;

  • Identify the three types of Parts, defining several examples of roles they each utilize within the internal family system with an emphasis on their response to loss and trauma; and

  • Describe three ways IFS informed clay-making is used to identify parts and their relationship to each other, fostering unblending and increasing self-compassion for both the clinician and the client.

Note:  Completion of this program and return of the Responsive Journal satisfies 1 Technique Module required for Certification in Grief Therapy as Meaning Reconstruction or Certification in Art-Assisted Grief Therapy.


This program contains the following video segments:

  1. Parts, Legacy Burdens and the C’s of Self: An Introduction to IFS (35 mins)
  2. Trauma and Loss In Art-Assisted Therapy: The Integration of IFS and Meaning Reconstruction (35 mins)

  3. Sculpting the Internal Family System: A Clay Making Directive (15 mins)

  4. Our Sculptures, Ourselves: Group Processing and Personal Learning (27 mins)



Guest Presenters

Peggy Kolodny, MA, ATR-BC, LCPAT graduated from George Washington University with a Master's in Art Therapy in 1982. She is a board-certified, registered and licensed Art Therapist and supervisor with level 2 certificates in EMDR and in IFS.  Founder of The Art Therapy Collective of Owings Mills in Maryland, she specializes in developmental and complex trauma treatment across the life span. Peggy is adjunct faculty with the University of Maryland School of Social Work as well as on the professional training faculties of Chesapeake Beach Play Therapy Seminars; The Ferentz Institute (Advanced Trauma Certificate program); and The Expressive Therapies Summits of NYC, LA, and DC. Past president of the Maryland Art Therapy Association (MATA), she is currently on their board where she serves as historian and delegate to the American Art Therapy Association. Past college faculties include Goucher College and Maryland Institute, College of Art.  Other past leadership roles include Chair of the Central Maryland Sex Abuse Treatment Task Force and Vice-Chair of the American Professional Society on Child Abuse- MD Chapter. Peggy teaches professional workshops nationally on complex trauma, grief, addictions, and neurodevelopment topics with art therapy. She recently published chapters in (Quinn, Ed) Art Therapy in the Treatment of Addictions and Trauma. Currently, she is working on chapters for several books.

Peggy Kolodny, 


Photo - Peggy Kolodny.jpg

Salicia Mazero, MA, LPC, ATR, CEDS-S is a licensed professional counselor, registered art therapist and a certified eating disorder specialist and supervisor practicing in St. Louis, MO. Salicia is trained in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) and Internal Family Systems (IFS). Over the past 9 years, Salicia has worked in two treatment centers focusing on treating eating disorders before transitioning to private practice. At her private practice, Creating Your Journey, LLC Salicia continues to concentrate on treating children, adolescents and adults with eating disorders, anxiety, OCD, depression, trauma and dissociation. Salicia is a supervisor for master level clinicians and provides peer consultation on eating disorder cases. Salicia is a board member on the International Association of Eating Disorder Professionals St. Louis chapter. She is also a Feed the Facts presenter for the Missouri Eating Disorder Association educating students and teachers about eating disorders and prevention in the school system. Salicia also presents nationwide annually on art therapy, IFS, and eating disorder treatment. Peggy and Salicia are currently writing a chapter together on Art Therapy, IFS and EMDR.

Salicia Mazero,


Photo - Salicia Mazero.jpg

USD$99 for 3-hour module

For other enquiries, simply email Carolyn.

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