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Live Online Training

A Tripartite Model of
Meaning Reconstruction

for Grief and Loss Series:
An Attachment-Informed Perspective for the Relationship Story of Loss

Earn Credits for 1 Core Course for
all PI Certification Programmes
and 3 Techniques Modules toward

Certification in Grief Therapy as Meaning Reconstruction
Offered by the Portland Institute.


17-18 April 2023

Presented by

Carolyn Ng


Associate Director, Portland Institute for Loss and Transition

Fellow in Thanatology, Association of Death Education and Counseling

Therapist, Anchorage for Loss and Transition

EARLY BIRD till 15 February 2023

Just SGD$675 for 2-day workshop!

In the course of counselling, you may come across clients who struggle with yearning for their deceased loved one or some forms of unfinished business that remain unaddressed after separation through death. This training will introduce a tripartite model based on the meaning reconstruction framework and specifically look into grief and loss from an attachment-informed perspective.  This will also equip you with the relevant meaning-oriented techniques to enable clients to review their disrupted bond and realign their positioning with the deceased in the aftermath of loss. 


  • To conceptualize the impacts of separation on grievers from the attachment perspective

  • To identify dimensions of insecure attachment and unfinished business that complicate the post-separation adjustment

  • To implement meaning-oriented techniques to re-establish grievers’ attachment security and reconstruct their bond with the deceased



  • Understanding grief and loss through attachment lens

  • Differentiation between continuing bond and maladaptive bondage

  • Guided conversation to examine the relationship history

  • Use of tree of legacy as a means for continuing bond

  • Use of imaginal dialogues to process the unfinished business

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Carolyn Ng, PsyD, FT

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Carolyn Ng, PsyD, FT, MMSAC, RegCLR maintains a private practice, Anchorage for Loss and Transition, for training, supervision and therapy in Singapore, while also serving as an Associate Director of the Portland Institute.  Previously she served as Principal Counsellor with the Children’s Cancer Foundation in Singapore, specialising in cancer-related palliative care and bereavement counselling.  She is a registered counsellor, master clinical member and approved supervisor with the Singapore Association for Counselling (SAC), a Fellow in Thanatology with the Association of Death Education and Counselling (ADEC), USA, as well as a consultant to a cancer support and bereavement ministry in Sydney, Australia.  She is a trained end-of-life doula and advanced care planning facilitator.  She is also trained in the Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) by the International Critical Incident Stress Foundation, USA, community crisis response by the National Organisation for Victim Assistance (NOVA), USA, as well as Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST) by LivingWorks, Canada. Her recent writing concerns meaning-oriented narrative reconstruction with bereaved families, with an emphasis on conversational approaches for fostering new meaning and action.Find out more at:


Dates:  17-18 April 2023

Time:   9am - 5pm

Online Delivery through Zoom

For enquiries, please call:  6425-2422


Regular Fee: SGD$750

Early Bird: SGD$675

~ Check with AHD for VCF status ~

EARLY BIRD till 15 February 2023

Just SGD$675 for 2-day workshop!

For workshop enquiries and registration, please email

For certification enquiries, please email

In collaboration with the Academy of Human Development (AHD) in Singapore, PI provides multiple training series in Meaning Reconstruction Grief Therapy for professionals from diverse disciplines.  

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